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If you need a special way to organise auctions or sales for specific persons, we have something for you. Whether you are an individual trying out yard sales or a corporate body that wants to do away with obsolete equipments, this could give you a quick edge against your competitors by making it easier for them to bid for your product from anywhere, or buy them while you find it very easy to manage them too. This can even be on your own website, customised for you and your customers. Click here to see sample and email contact@9jamkt.com for inquiry.

You can even assign virtual currencies to each bidder, set an expiry time/date, and make the product available for them to start bidding. They shall do this from wherever they are, and the winner/person willing to go for the highest within the time you specify wins. It is a transparent method of organising for auctions and sales for small and large organisations. We provide support too!

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